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Less Talk. More Action. That's where Richard Corcoran differs from today's politicians. Learn more about what Richard is doing to keep Florida strong.

Richard Corcoran Debates Andrew Gillum On Sanctuary Cities

Speaker Richard Corcoran took on Mayor Andrew Gillum, Florida’s leading supporter of illegal, sanctuary policies, in a live debate on Tuesday, February 13 to promote HB-9 and emphasize the need to ban sanctuary cities and keep Florida safe.

Governow Rick Scott Opens Final State Of The State By Thanking Speaker Richard Corcoran For His Commitments To Tax Cuts & Education

"Good morning, I am honored to deliver my final state of the state today.  I would first like to recognize: Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran.  Speaker, I appreciate your commitment to cutting taxes and for fighting to make sure every Florida student can get a great education". 

January 9, 2018

All eyes on confrontational House speaker as Florida’s legislative session kicks off

With more lofty language about bringing “transformational” change to the state Capitol and disrupting the status quo, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran once again marked himself as the leader to watch as Florida’s two-month legislative session kicked off Tuesday.

Richard Corcoran calls on Florida House to be a ‘house of reformers’ in fiery opening remarks

The Pasco County Republican vowed not to raise taxes or dip into the state's fiscal reserves in his final opening remarks.

Corcoran Vows to Fight Tax Hikes, Protect Bullied Children in Opening Address

House Speaker Richard Corcoran said his chamber is a force to be reckoned with, calling the Florida House of Representatives the “storm” in the Florida Legislature while setting up a potential battle with the governor over the state’s annual budget for 2018.

Speaking to the Florida House in Tallahassee on Tuesday, Corcoran pointed to what he saw as a legacy of productivity and hard work for the people of Florida. 

Richard Corcoran: Stop Sanctuary Cities

Speaker Richard Corcoran on "This Week in Jacksonville"

Policy Matters: Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran

In this episode of Policy Matters host Rick Mullaney, Director of Jacksonville University's Public Policy Institute, talks with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran.

Column: Legislature should ban sanctuary cities in Florida

In 2015, Kate Steinle was gunned downed on Pier 14 in San Francisco by an illegal alien with five felony convictions, and last week he went on trial for his heinous act. He was in our country because the city of San Francisco, among a growing number of others, is a sanctuary city. Elected officials instruct police and law enforcement to ignore federal immigration law.

This anti-American phenomenon must be stopped, and here in Florida we're doing something about it.

Corcoran unveils bill to require more transparency from Visit Orlando

TALLAHASSEE — House Speaker Richard Corcoran on Thursday ramped up his push for greater transparency at Visit Orlando and other tourism development groups by unveiling a set of bills to impose new requirements on the tax-dollar-fundedagencies.

“The House is committed to following the conservative principles of transparency and accountability when it comes to all government contracts and expenditures,” Corcoran said. “They will be kept in the Sunshine.”