Every child deserves a world class education.

In 2017, we passed the most pro-student, pro-teacher, pro-parent education bill in our state’s history.

Education has always been near and dear to my family’s heart. Four years ago, my wife Anne volunteered and founded a charter school in our neighborhood because we both believe that if children are provided with the opportunity to establish a strong educational foundation, their minds will be ready to grow, build, and innovate. That’s why I made education a centerpiece of my agenda as Speaker of the House.

We put together the most pro-student, pro-teacher, and pro-parent education bill in our state’s history. We crashed against the status quo, we strengthened our public schools, and we provided choices to parents and students who have been trapped in failing schools. 

We instituted strict requirements to bring accountability, ensuring the money intended for education actually makes it into the classroom. Then we instituted bonuses for exceptional teachers and principals. The most consequential person in any classroom is the one standing in the front of the room, and I believe they should be rewarded for their success.

We began the process of ending chronically failing schools. There will now either be a district-initiated turnaround plan or there will be a “School of Hope” charter opened in their neighborhood. These “Schools of Hope” have a demonstrated record of success and provide an immediate alternative for students and their parents. Our message to kids and parents who are struggling in a failing school is simple: we see you and we will never fail you again.

When it comes to education, our achievements in Tallahassee will transform the quality and choice in education across our state forever. Now, we just need to continue pushing the envelope, we cannot back down to the unions or the bureaucrats. We must continue to fight and we must continue to win—our children deserve nothing less.