Politicians are elected to serve the voters, not special interests, the establishment, or lobbyists.

I drained the Tallahassee swamp by instituting the most transparent legislative ethics rules in the nation.

I knew if we wanted to see real change in Tallahassee, we needed to first transform the culture in our state’s capital. And I think you’ll appreciate how we went about it.  When I was young, my mom used to always tell me to be home by dark, because in her words, “Nothing good ever happens after the sun goes down.” So, we took that mom-approved logic and applied it to your representatives. We said, “Nothing good ever happens when…” and we filled in the blank, then we banned it.

Here’s how it worked. Nothing good ever happens when…. a lobbyist texts a legislator while they are on the floor voting or in committee—so we banned it. Nothing good ever happens when…. a legislator is flown around on a lobbyist's private jet—so we banned it. And nothing good ever happens from the revolving door of lobbyists becoming legislators and legislators becoming lobbyists—so we implemented a highly restrictive 6-year ban.

All in all, the rules that we passed are the most powerful and transparent in the entire country, bar none. By draining the Tallahassee swamp in 2017, we had one of the most consequential and transformative legislative sessions in our state's history—a session that finally put the voters’ interests ahead of the lobbyists’.