Competition increases quality and access to healthcare, while lowering costs.

I led the fight against the Obamacare expansion in Florida and passed reforms that prevent healthcare providers from ripping off their patients.

Bureaucrats and career politicians are always looking for ways to take decisions out of your hands and make them for you instead. However, the government doesn’t know best and doesn’t belong in between a patient and his or her doctor. That’s why I’ve fought for a patient-driven healthcare system.

As the Chairman of the House’s Health & Human Services Committee, I led the fight against Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, because doubling down on a broken system wasn’t right for Florida. I also led the Legislature in passing an important piece of legislation that ended the price gouging practices of some healthcare providers by requiring hospitals and surgical centers to publish the costs of their procedures.

I will continue to fight for a patient-driven healthcare system by supporting free market reforms that increase the quality of outcomes, drive down costs, and improve access to care.