Lower taxes. Less spending.

We’ve cut over $7 billion in taxes, reduced Florida’s debt by $7 billion, and became first in the nation in terms of fiscal health.

By limiting government and empowering our residents, every Floridian will have the opportunity to achieve their American Dream. That’s why I have spent my time in the legislature rolling back government overreach, creating a better business environment for job creators and job seekers, and supporting fiscally responsible actions like reducing our state’s debt.

Taxes:  It’s easy for politicians with an “R” next to their name to talk about tax cuts, but here in Florida, we actually got the job done. I’ve supported over $7 billion in tax cuts that have been passed into law, including stopping an automated property tax increase that would have cost homeowners $1 billion. Going forward, there is still more that can be done. We put a measure on the ballot in 2018 that cuts your property taxes. It’s called the Homestead Exemption, and it will save the average homeowner more than $200 per year. I am also working with Governor Scott to add another measure that would create a supermajority-threshold of 2/3 vote in the legislature for any tax increase, making it more difficult for politicians to raise your taxes.

Spending: Reckless government spending is something that plagues governments at every level. Fiscal responsibility has been elusive from local city councils to the U.S. Congress. However, we bucked that trend by looking deep into our budget and rooting out wasteful or excessive spending. First, we ended the ability for politicians to secretively slip in massive pork-barrel spending projects into the budget at the last minute, and we reduced Florida’s debt by $7 billion. We also brought an end to the corporate welfare that had stricken Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida. All-in-all, our fiscal stewardship has earned Florida the ranking of 1st in the entire nation for fiscal health.