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Less Talk. More Action. That's where Richard Corcoran differs from today's politicians. Learn more about what Richard is doing to keep Florida strong.

Speaker Richard Corcoran on "This Week in Jacksonville"

Policy Matters: Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran

In this episode of Policy Matters host Rick Mullaney, Director of Jacksonville University's Public Policy Institute, talks with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran.

Column: Legislature should ban sanctuary cities in Florida

In 2015, Kate Steinle was gunned downed on Pier 14 in San Francisco by an illegal alien with five felony convictions, and last week he went on trial for his heinous act. He was in our country because the city of San Francisco, among a growing number of others, is a sanctuary city. Elected officials instruct police and law enforcement to ignore federal immigration law.

This anti-American phenomenon must be stopped, and here in Florida we're doing something about it.

Corcoran unveils bill to require more transparency from Visit Orlando

TALLAHASSEE — House Speaker Richard Corcoran on Thursday ramped up his push for greater transparency at Visit Orlando and other tourism development groups by unveiling a set of bills to impose new requirements on the tax-dollar-fundedagencies.

“The House is committed to following the conservative principles of transparency and accountability when it comes to all government contracts and expenditures,” Corcoran said. “They will be kept in the Sunshine.”

Corcoran: Trump's tax plan mirrors Florida's efforts

Op-Ed By Richard Corcoran

Tampa Bay Times

When talking about Florida's economy, the Sunshine State has never shined so bright.

That's why President Donald Trump's speech last week on his plans for tax reform was so exciting. The president's tax plan, coupled with the executive actions that have already been taken, replicates the approach we took here in Florida that led to our economic boom.

Commentary: Florida has taken a bite out of corporate welfare; now it’s Washington’s turn

Op-Ed By Richard Corcoran

Orlando Sentinel

Here are a couple of numbers that ought to give us all pause.

In April, a Pew Research Center poll found that only one of five Americans trusted government “just about always” or “most of the time.” In a Reuters poll done on Election Day 2016, 72 percent of respondents said, “The American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful.”

There are a lot of reasons for such cynicism. Unfortunately, most of them are well-founded.

One of the reasons is politicians who are beholden to special interests. Another is how the U.S. tax code favors the well-connected over ordinary Americans. Those two reasons are not unrelated.

The tax code is broken because all too often, politicians choose self-interest over the public good by using tax law and government programs to reward or benefit their political allies and other favored interests.

We have taken steps in Florida to address this problem, by hitting special interests where they will feel it.

Richard Corcoran calls out cronyism at Port Tampa Bay

Richard Corcoran calls out government waste within the Film Commission

Corcoran says legislature will not raise property taxes

Richard Corcoran says misallocated tax credits have to stop