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Join Richard on the front lines of Florida's most important fights by adding your name to show support for bold reform and strong conservative leadership on these issues!

Stand Up For The Flag

Let's tell the NFL to respect our flag and the men and women who serve it. Sign the petition if you are standing with me today for the national anthem!

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Sanctuary States Are Illegal

Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States are Illegal. Any elected official who swears to uphold the Constitution and can't, should be removed from office. California should not receive another dime from the federal government until it stops breaking ...

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Sign The Petition: Stop Sanctuary Cities

Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien and no conviction? This lawlessness can’t continue. The Florida House passed HB-9 to end sanctuary city practices in Florida. Now it's the Senate's turn. Tell them to pass HB-9 and join me and P...

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Sign The Petition: Suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

I sent the following letter to Governor Rick Scott asking that he suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for incompetence and dereliction of duty. Sign my petition if you agree Sheriff Israel needs to step aside. 

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Sign The Petition: Allow Teachers To Protect Their Students

President Donald Trump and I agree. We must allow teachers to defend and protect their students. I've proposed the Florida Marshal Program to arm teachers who have been given over 130 hours of training. Sign my petition if you think we need to end...

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